Do any of the women on this site like the fetish?
When I found this site, I felt it might be the best spot to find women who would enjoy exposing their exhibitionist side and post pics of themselves smoking. I don't even mean just adult pics. Casual and candid pics would be nice. I see no evidence of it. There are some delicious women here I would love to watch smoke, but they don't even seem to open their email, even though I see them online regularly. Am I missing something?

I've looked at a lot of sites that purport to be for people to express their exhibitionist side and be enjoyed, smoking or not. They all seem to soon devolve into dating sites. with women posting pics of themselves with their kids or grandkids, looking for a new daddy. Has this site become that too? Does anyone know of a good smoking exhibitionist site?

Thanks for allowing me to vent.

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