Are Women Like Me The Exception?
I've read many of the opinions in another thread about women and the smoking fetish. I may be the exception, I don't know, but smoking and watching others smoke turns me on. I have engaged in smoky S-- for many years. Even the sharing of smoke. s----l enjoyment, for me, is magnified dramatically when it's combined with smoke.

Like others have opined, it's true that I'm a woman who enjoys watching women smoking more than men, but that's [i:3dd9948dda]only because there aren't many men who smoke in a sexy, ------- way. They tend to rush, just to quickly get some nicotine. But, when I manage to catch sight of a man who truly relishes every breath of smoke, I'm mesmerized and aroused every time. The sight of smoke slowly flowing from his pursed lips just knocks me over.

I know I can't be alone in this, can I? We're out there!


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